Plnar for General & Retail Contractors

Provide accurate estimates without a site visit in 1 business day

Customer service can make or break your business.   

Plnar helps retailers, contractors, and remodeling companies deliver modernized customer service by providing a self-service experience for homeowners to get accurate measurements with a click of their smartphone.

Now, no more paper, pencils, or onsite visits required to deliver accurate 3D models and measurements for interior home projects in 24 hours.  Learn how we can help you deliver fast estimates without going onsite!

Deliver a Better Customer Service Experience with Homeowner Self-Service

Plnar turns homeowner smartphone photos into interactive 3D models and accurate measurements – in a Snap! 

  • Homeowners simply download the Plnar Snap app and take photos of room(s)
  • Plnar generates interactive 3D models & accurate measurements
  • Contractor generates estimates – quickly and without going onsite