Unlock the Power of AI for Digital Measurement

The fastest, most accurate, and easiest way to create 3D models of any interior space with a smartphone or tablet

UPC Insurance Partners with Plnar to Expedite Claim Processing by Integrating Plnar at First Notice of Loss

West Bend Insurance Partners with Plnar to Empower Policyholders and Field Adjusters

Plymouth Rock Offers Contactless Virtual Home Inspections to Policyholders via Plnar.

Insurance Carriers

Put the Desk Adjuster virtually in the space by offering policyholders a contactless option for documenting interior damage – in less than 3 minutes per room.

Restoration Professionals

Empower restoration pros with tech that reduces cycle times and delivers more accurate and consistent measurements – plus, access to instant photo reports.

Home Improvement Professionals

Allow homeowners to document interior space at their convenience, eliminating the need for a site visit in order to create estimates.

Water Mitigation Specialists

Determine equipment needs by creating a quick measurement report of any interior space, simply by taking pictures of a room with a smartphone or tablet.

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Integration Partners

Featured Integration: Xactimate

Plnar’s AI – powered technology now integrates seamlessly with Xactimate®.  Through this integration, desk adjusters receive 3D diagrams of loss sites that have been automatically created by Plnar using photos uploaded from onsite users’ smart devices. 3D models, photos, and 2D models are all automatically ingested by X1 software.

Fast, Accurate & Smart

Plnar Snap™ is built 100% for the policyholder to report damages and settle claims quickly by simply taking pictures of the structure and damage and uploading the digital photos into the plnar platform. The app’s intuitive, easy to use onboard guidance means anyone who can take a picture with a smartphone can take photos that will be converted into extremely accurate 3D plans

The Power of AI 
at Your Fingers

With digital photos captured in Plnar Snap™ and powerful AI, plnar’s complete room dimensioning capabilities generate fully-realized 2D- and 3D-models as well as detailed, measurable, useful data sets for claim management. This room dimensioning technology gives the desk adjuster virtual access to the space without ever having to deploy a field adjuster, cutting operating costs and simplifying the claims management cycle.


Our API and OOTB integrations match existing claims systems.  We also have integrations with Xactimate, Symbility, and Guidewire which ensures scaling from single to hundreds of users is seamless.