Be Virtually There for Interior Claims Everywhere

Plnar brings virtual interior property claims to life by providing streamlined digital experiences that cut costs and delight customers

Virtual Claims Done Right, Now

plnar is the first digital desk platform that puts the fully-realized context of interior spaces at a desk adjuster’s fingertips and enables digital experiences that customers expect.


Enables self-service claims
with a digital smartphone


Generates complete data sets including interactive 3D models

Why a Digital Desk for
Interior Property Claims?


Puts the desk adjuster virtually in interior spaces with digital desk tools

We Make Virtual Interior
Claims a Reality

Create digital experiences that all customers will love

Provide flexible self-service for simple claims

Give desk adjusters 360° digital vision of interior spaces

Limited Availability,
But Not For Long

The VIP Lounge is now open. Pilot programs are ongoing for a select group of insurance customers.

Sign-up for our pilot waiting list and see how plnar can work for you.


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