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Plnar eBook – Making the Case for Innovation: Avoiding a Vicious Claims Cycle

Produced by Aite Group and commissioned by Plnar, this ebook provides a high-level rationale why carriers need to consider integrating more innovation into their claims process.


Plnar eBook – Power Virtual Interior Property Claims with a Fully Digital Desk Platform

While insurance companies have started to transform their claims process, they are struggling to understand and keep-up with requirements for virtual claims. Learn how the digital age has popularized a new, virtual way of doing things, and why a digital approach is needed if insurance companies want to stay competitive.


Plnar Datasheet – Digital Desk Platform

Plnar powers virtual claims by providing simplified data capture that allows anyone to document interior property damage and puts the desk adjuster virtually in the space.


Plnar Video – Plnar In Action

Meet Amanda – a digital desk adjuster for a major insurance company. Amanda uses the Plnar Digital Desk Platform to simplify the claims process for policyholders, to deliver great customer service and reduce the costs of claims processing. All of which makes her boss very happy!


Plnar Infographic – Digital Desk Platform – Part 1

This infographic addresses the market need and key challenges driving the need for insurance companies to embrace a digital desk platform approach and enable self-service capabilities for interior property claims.


Plnar Infographic – The Evolution of Desk Adjusting – Part 2

This infographic addresses the history of the digital desk from it’s early inception in desk adjusting to today’s digital transformation.


Plnar Article – Letter from the CEO: To change the world, first change yourself

Plnar vision and mission as explained by Plnar CEO, Andy Greff.


Plnar Article – Powering-up the Digital Desk: Enabling Virtual Claims for Interior Property Damage

The market landscape for insurance continues to undergo major shifts and the speed of change is not slowing down. Largely due to rapid digital transformation, what was once thought was a “Meet the Jetsons” fantasy, is now a reality.


Plnar Article – Meeting of the Minds: The Multidisciplinary Expertise Behind Plnar’s Platform

While many insurance companies are just recently coming to understand the important role that technology plays in the future of claims management, Plnar has been ahead of the curve for years.


Plnar Newsletter – Monthly Round-up

Featured resources, events, product announcements and updates by month.


Plnar Article – How Changing Consumer Technology Brought Plnar’s Legacy to Life

The capabilities of consumer technology have changed rapidly, opening up opportunities for new advances in simple-to-use AR technology.


Plnar Article – Building the Business Case for Plnar (Part 1):
How Plnar Transforms Catastrophe Claims from Reactive to Proactive

In all the time the plnar team has been working together perfecting the components of our platform, we’ve known we built something truly great.


Plnar Article – Building the Business Case for Plnar (Part 2): How Plnar Cuts Costs with Virtual Self-Service Claims

Over the last year, we’ve seen firsthand the impact our cost-saving, process-streamlining, policyholder-pleasing platform has had on insurance carrier bottom lines and claimant happiness.


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