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PLNAR Announces Allan C. Robinson III Has Joined the Board of Directors

Robinson Brings Essential Expertise and Experience to Virtual Claims Revolution

PLNAR, a leading provider of virtual insurance claims, is pleased to announce that Allan C. Robinson III has joined PLNAR as a member of their Board of Directors. Robinson comes to PLNAR from Horace Mann, where he acted as EVP of Field Operations and Sales Management, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Chief Claims Officer. During his time at Horace Mann he led teams of sales leaders, agents, marketing & underwriting representatives and over 350 claims employees. 

Robinson brings over 30 years of experience and thought leadership in claims service management to PLNAR, helping to shape, define and modernize claims management processes. Aside from Horace Mann, Robinson was also an instrumental leader at Allstate, Hanover and Encompass.

Robinson comes to PLNAR at a critical time in history, during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the past few years, many industries started shifting from analog, in-office workflows to virtual claims management, but COVID-19 has made those shifts top-priority and vital to everyday operations now that customers and adjusters alike face social distancing guidelines and imperatives to avoid in-person contact and address shortage in available adjuster workforce.

“Allan is the perfect fit at the perfect time,” explained CEO Andy Greff. “His esteemed experience and all-encompassing knowledge in claims management will continue to heighten and expand the value PLNAR brings to insurance carriers looking to reduce cost and cycle time in the claims process and provide an exceptional virtual experience that protects the health and safety of customers and adjusters alike.”

Throughout his career, Robinson has focused on the same principles that guide PLNAR’s mission:

  • Providing excellent customer service leading to outstanding customer satisfaction
  • Reducing loss adjustment expense (LAE) and improve loss cost management
  • Shortening cycle times by creating repeatable processes

Even before the challenges brought on by COVID-19, PLNAR helped revolutionize virtual insurance claims by allowing interior property claimants to use their smart phone app to take photos and work with a digital adjuster to file a claim through the app.

What’s truly amazing about PLNAR’s platform is that it allows adjusters to widen the funnel of claims that can be handled virtually, and frees up time and resources for more complex claims while handling straightforward claims faster,” said Robinson.

PLNAR’s use of innovative proprietary technology and existing team of experts coupled with Robinson’s extensive knowhow, competencies and involvement in claims services will accelerate PLNAR’s vision to revolutionize virtual claims management.


PLNAR is an InsurTech software provider transforming the claims process by enabling Digital Desk Adjustment (DDA) of interior property claims for significantly better customer experiences, shorter cycle times, and lower costs. PLNAR’s platform gives desk adjusters the power to generate fully realized 2D- and 3D-models of interior spaces from a digital photo and streamline the interior claims process for quicker, more efficient settlement. For more information, please visit the PLNAR website at