Leading the Digital Charge

by | May 27, 2020 | Resources

by Andy Greff, CEO

The first half quarter of 2020 may have been rocky, but the PLNAR team continues to grow and expand our vision for revolutionizing virtual claims. With that, we are pleased to announce that Allan C. Robinson III has joined our Board of Directors!

Allan comes to PLNAR from Horace Mann, where he acted as EVP of Field Operations and Sales Management, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Chief Claim Officer. He brings robust experience, vast knowledge and fundamental thought leadership to our passionate team of experts, as well as over 30 years in claims service management helping to shape, define and modernize claims management processes. 

The team and I are excited that Allan came to PLNAR during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic—even though many aspects of the future are uncertain, our mission has never been more essential. In the past few years, many industries started shifting away from analog, in-office workflows towards digital, but COVID-19 has made those shifts top-priority and vital to everyday operations. Luckily, PLNAR had already forged a new path for the insurance industry by creating the technology, platform and processes to enable interior property virtual claims. 

We helped revolutionize virtual interior property claims by allowing claimants to use their smart phone app to take photos that generate 3D models with all measurements and context so carries can reduce claim cycles from days to minutes.

The insurance industry has seen devastating, historic events before COVID-19, like Hurricanes Hugo, Katrina and Andrew and the California wildfires to name a recent few. I’ve seen these events seriously hobble the claims process from a shortage of onsite adjusters to assess the sheer amount of damage, as well as the amount of time needed to design and accommodate safe onsite inspections.

While COVID-19 is a very different kind of event, it highlights the critical need for the insurance industry to prioritize digital transformation and innovation. Now, more than ever, the interior claims process must start virtually, from the homeowner, using their everyday devices. It has been advised that adjusters do not go onsite during the COVID-19 pandemic to inspect, due to social distancing and health concerns, and homeowners are understandably reluctant to have adjusters in their home. Even after the COVID-19 crisis is behind us–which is exceptionally hard to predict when that may be–PLNAR helps carriers stay relevant and meet changing customer demands, avoid preventable wait times and be better prepared for the unexpected.

Allan recognizes PLNAR’s ability to resolve one of the biggest industry challenges—adjuster shortages and job satisfaction. By widening the funnel of claims that can be handled virtually, quickly and largely automatically, our technology gives adjusters more time to focus on larger, more complex claims and losses and better segment the types of claims they handle. These virtual tools also allow adjusters to step in and safely take action on claims more quickly during catastrophic weather events, emergencies and pandemics. Our technology gives adjusters more autonomy and better tools to manage their time and focus, key elements to creating better outcomes for customers and a sense of meaning and purpose for employees.

I’ve seen first hand that companies that adopt our technology will lead the way in providing a distinct competitive advantage, reducing expense ratios, improving LAE, shortening cycle times and drastically increasing customer satisfaction. Thanks to PLNAR, customers can self-service their claim on their own time with the easy to use app, creating peace of mind during an otherwise difficult or traumatic time for them.

Virtual adjusting also opens the door for more partnership opportunities with various vendors including contractors, roofers, water mitigation companies and other first responders, who can capture measurements and damages when first on site. Whether the images are captured by a customer or a vendor, the opportunity to use simple smartphone photos to improve the quality and accuracy of estimating via the PLNAR SNAP app, measurement tools, 3-D modeling and other tools is the key to providing a total virtual solution for the customer, adjuster and claim organization.

Allan coming on board the PLNAR team ushers in a new era in our journey and solidifies the essential path we have been on for years to bring virtual adjusting to all interior property claims and the insurance industry as a whole. I look forward to working with him and the other members of our Board of Directors to strengthen our mission and grow our footprint in P&C claims and offer a vital solution to the many issues insurance companies are facing in the COVID-19 era and into the new normal of virtual claims.